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Adidas Originals “Sneakerhead” Exhibition by Freehand Profit


The Adidas Originals SoHo, New York store played host to one of the most intriguing sneaker exhibitions to date. Dubbed the “Sneakerhead” exhibition, the event saw the term “sneakerhead being used literally, with various deconstructed Adidas Orignal sneakers redesigned into masks. The art exhibit was unveiled by Gary Lockwood, better known as Freehand Profit.

“You can call what I do Hip-Hop steampunk, or Hip-Hop cosplay. Whatever the spin, Hip-Hop is at the heart of it,“ offers Freehand Profit. “I think of chopping up sneakers the way a DJ or producer samples a record, taking an existing art form and scratching, cutting and remixing until you have an entirely new art form.” – Gary Lockwood

Lockwood collaborated with Adidas Originals to release the “Original Is Never Finished” campaign, which saw many of the mask worn by various streetwear influencers across a number of media channels.







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